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Kitesurfing Safari Holidays Brazil

About Kite Surfing Safaris

Welcome to Kite Safaris Brazil - Who are we? And what are our “Kite Safaris Downwind Tours” all about?

We are a dedicated team of multi-national kitesurfers that have one goal,“imagine your best day kitesurfing with 3 or 4 friends on the water with the best conditions you have ever sailed in” that’s what we try to embrace and live.

Ever wanted to kite on perfect glass flat smooth lagoons and lakes, or along coconut lined paradisiacal beaches with surf, everything from sideshore to onshore conditions, from flat water to waves! And to sail endlessly downwind practicing new tricks until your arms and legs fall off ! “Well that’s what our Kite-Safari Downwind Tours are all about”.

Our destinations are rapidly becoming the some of the hottest spots, with the most consistent conditions for kitesurfing in the world. With our team of watermen guides and local knowledge all combined with over 20 years of “on water” kiting and windsurfing experience, we can offer probably the safest way both on and off the water that riders can have fun.

All kite locations have been ridden and tested thourghly before we use them as new kite venues, thus we have acquired the knowledge of how and when to kite in each location safely depending on the days prevailing conditions.

Kite-Safaris Downwind Tours are perfectly designed for you to leave all those worries of which kite? Or which board? behind you, thus maximizing your enjoyment and time on the water. Well of course you can go to Brazil without us, book a unknown hotel, rent a car and kite on a beach with a name that you have never heard of or cant even pronounce…

So why are our Kite-Safaris-Brazil Downwind Tours such a success?

Just because we take the stress out of your holiday, our team is there to help you, everything from not getting “over charged with tourist prices” to helping with language barrier problems and of course replacing that footstrap screw that you forgot to pack!!

From the moment you arrive in Brazil we want you to feel part of the Kite-Safaris team/family with like-minded people searching for the same goal to have fun and the ultimate kiting experience in new exotic locations.

As ex pro windsurfers and longtime soul riding kitesurfers, we all know what it's like to chase the wind and waves! That’s why our aim is that we do the wind and wave chasing and YOU do the Kiting.

Also if you have a friend or companion that’s a not a kitesurfer, no worries because we can arrange lessons or other activities for them too.

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